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 We Have A Cure for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammation of the plantar fascia, most of the treatments and therapies only look and treat local area of heel. Clearly, the underlying mechanisms of plantar fasciitis need a holistic approach to address the root cause, especially the lumbar vertebrae dysfunction's negative impact for the heel.

Remote Plantar Release™ is an Acupuncture technique developed by Dr. Zhanhai Zhang, OMD.,Ph.D. who was granted extraordinary ability visa for his outstanding achievement in the filed of Traditional Chinese Medicine by U.S. Department Homeland Security.

Remote Plantar Release™ involves full assessment for the all major and minor joints of the lumbar vertebrae, knee and ankle joint, to identify the root risk factor for the cause.

Based on the treatment protocol of Remote Plantar Release™, the practitioner will apply TCM guided micro-acupuncture on trigger points to address the remote lumbar pathology, especially the L5 and SI joint dysfunction, to strengthen the foot stabilizers like the posterior tibialis muscle, balance the foot/ankle complex, eventually adjusting the mechanical problem of the stuck subtalar joint to eliminate the root risk factors of Plantar Fasciitis to make the pain go away.

Here are what to expect under the care of Remote Plantar Release™:

 What to expect at our office:
  • Fast pain relieve
  • No discomfort during treatment
  • No restriction for movement
  • No side effect


Remote Plantar Release™ is the optimal Plantar Fasciitis healing at its best. Clinical practice shows that it help patients who have failed to response to physical therapy, icing, stretching, soaking in hot Epsom salt, cortisone injections, massage, ice soaking, custom insoles, night splints, wearing a boot and using a tennis ball etc.

Remote Plantar Release™ works, and it works fast. The fast result can be achieved even for people who suffer this illness for more than 10 years. It is a magic solution for Plantar Fasciitis

Before considering surgery, try Remote Plantar Release™ first.