Fertility Acupuncture


What is Acupuncture Treatment like?

After comprehensive analysis of your condition, you will stay in a cozy treatment room to experience a typical classical retreat. After the needle are put inside your skin, it will stay there for twenty minutes to "cook" without pain, after the needle are totally "Cooked". ninety percent of my patients will say "it is very relaxing." Actually, about eighty percent of my patients fall asleep during the treatment. After the treatment, Patients are more functional than when they walked in. Also, can you imagine you can fall asleep with the special needles in your body? But, you did. 

Why Acupuncture does not Hurt?

Acupuncture needle are only about twice the thickness of hair. Plus many years training, good practitioner will not hurt you. Some people say it looks like mosquito bite, some people even didn't feel it when I put in the needles, they will ask you :"you already put it in?"

People fear of needles. Most people are familiar with the hypodermic needle which are used to draw blood or inject fluids. they have to be hollow, and as a result are much bigger than acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needle are solid, and much, much thinner. 

Disposable needles policy:

Only disposable needles are used in my clinic. Used needles will drop to biohazard container right away.

How Chinese tradition benefit your practice?

Stress, unhealthy lifestyles, obesity, drinking, smoking and environmental problems hiked infertility rates. Problems with fertility, postpartum disorders, premenstrual disorders, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, hormone related emotional imbalances, pelvic pain, menopausal symptoms, as well as many other gynecologic disorders can be treated with the help of both acupuncture and herbal medicine. These two therapies work together can achieve much more benefits for successful pregnant rates.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has five thousands years history, I believe the experience is hidden in the numerous ancient books. Can you imagine what it feels like when you read books published several thousands years ago? It's hard! even for native Chinese like me. But, I like it and I benefit a lots from the Chinese ancient literatures which helped my own clinical practice tremendously.